Promotions in Endodentica

Mornings with Endodentica

Every day between 9 and 14 we offer a 10% discount on all procedures in conservative and preventive dentistry.

Family Card

A 10% discount on treatment of every following family member. Offer includes treatments in conservative dentistry of both children and adults, preventive dentistry and endodontic treatments.

The discount is awarded indefinitely to each family member who is our Patient provided they make regular check-up appointments every 6 months. Should the Patient not comply with the requirement, the discount might be withdrawn.

We would also like to inform that should the Patient not come to the appointment without prior cancellation at least 24 hours before the appointment, the Patient loses the right to use Family Card.

Cleaning package for 2

Should two people (family, friends, colleagues) use a cleaning package at the same time, the price of the procedure per person amounts to PLN 150 instead of PLN 200. Please bear in mind that both persons must have the procedure on the same day.

After the procedure each Patient is given a suitable toothpaste.

Mehoffer’s Special

For all the residents of the building at Mehoffera 44 we prepared a special offer – a 10 % discount on all procedures in conservative and preventive dentistry.

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