Dental surgery

dental surgery All Endodentica doctors take advantage of their knowledge, experience and the state-of-the-art equipment to save teeth since none, not even the best made dental restorations are able to ideally recreate the function of a tooth. However, in some rare cases, it is essential to extract a tooth. It is fortunately the last resort.

When do we extract teeth?

In case of severe infection with a significant damage to the crown or root when there is no possibility to rebuild the tooth; in other words when the tooth is so damaged that there is no way to repair it.
Another reason includes periodontal disease, when a great amount of tissue around the tooth is damaged. The so-called periodontal teeth are frequently loose, preventing the Patient from normal functioning – eating and speaking.
Tooth extraction concerns also Patients that need the treatment due to medical reasons. Roots that were left out are the source of bacteria that can endanger the life of the Patients with systematic diseases.
Moreover, in case of the so-called impacted teeth, commonly known as wisdom teeth it is also recommended to remove them surgically.

What should you know of dental surgery?

Surgical procedures are carried out painlessly. Our surgeons are very experienced and empathic.
Great precision is necessary to carry out the extraction since maximum amount of tissue around the tooth needs to be spared so that the tooth can be rebuilt prosthetically as soon as possible. To do that we use Carl Zeiss dental magnifying glasses and Smart Optic dental microscope.

Problematic wisdom teeth?

The name is misleading since the teeth have nothing to do with wisdom, the only wisdom is in a x-rayPatient who comes to the dentist when having problems with these teeth. The common problem is the lack of space for the teeth that appear as the last ones. Therefore, they erupt partially or do not erupt at all and are discovered only on an X-ray.

Partially impacted wisdom teeth are covered by the hood formed by gums and it is difficult to clean them, which results in inflammation, infections, decay and facial swelling and lymph nodes swelling.
In such cases it is necessary to get rid of an unwanted intruder, i.e. extraction by a qualified specialist.
Impacted horizontal wisdom teeth might be the cause of infection, might move or damage the surrounding teeth.

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