Aesthetic dentistry

At present, dentistry offers not only the treatment of oral cavity diseases, such as caries or gum problems, but also offers a wide range of solution improving the beauty of your smile. Uneven, often discoloured or ground teeth make us feel uneasy, whereas a healthy, snow-white smile is our visiting card.

Having observed beautiful smiles of celebrities and stars, more and more Patients come to us not only to treat teeth, but also wanting to have a “Hollywood smile” Such a ”special task” is the one for aesthetic dentistry.

Aesthetic composite filling

Silver, amalgam ”fillings” are the thing of the past, therefore, in Endodentica we use modern composite materials – Gradia, which allow us to make fillings imitating both the shape and colour of the tooth making the filing invisible.

Tooth whitening

A snow-white smile is now in fashion. There are several ways of whitening your teeth.
The fastest way is whitening in the clinic with special preparations. The procedure lasts about 45-60 minutes and allows for the immediate whitening even by a few shades. Usually one visit is sufficient.
Another method, requiring more engagement on the side of the Patient and more time-consuming is the so-called mouthpiece whitening. Based on impressions of your upper and lower teeth, custom mouthpieces are made. They need to be filled with a whitening gel and worn at night. Depending on the initial colour and the colour we want to achieve, total time of mouthpiece whitening might take up to 2 weeks. There are various concentrations of whitening gels that are adjusted by the dentist individually. It is a slower method but as effective as in-clinic whitening. If necessary, mouthpieces might be reused to “refresh” the colour.

Transparent silicon mouthpieces are filled with a whitening gel and worn at night

Sometimes, in case of teeth that are greatly discoloured and teeth that are hard to be whitened, especially from C colour range, it is necessary to apply a combined method, i.e. in-house whitening and mouthpiece whitening. After a whitening session at the dentist’s, the Patient is given mouthpieces and gel and continues at home.
It is essential to remember that dead teeth (after canal treatment), teeth rebuilt with prosthodontic fillings (crowns, bridges, dentures) and fillings cannot be whitened. Therefore, after teeth whitening it might be necessary to exchange them for the new ones or carry out internal whitening, which will bring out the proper colour of such teeth.
It is import to treat all teeth of caries, tartar and plague prior to whitening. This guarantees the safety of the procedure and makes whitening more effective.


What are veneers? They are nothing more than a thin layer of material covering the entire surface of the tooth. Depending on needs and recommendations, veneers might be made of composite or porcelain.
They can be made directly in the clinic by a dentist – composite veneers or in a dental laboratory – porcelain veneers. A ready, thin layer of composite or porcelain is placed on the previously prepared tooth surface.
Veneers are recommended most often when there is a need to correct the shape of teeth, but also to cover unaesthetic fillings in front teeth or correct insignificant discolouring of hard tissue. Veneers might also cover gaps between teeth –i.e. diastema and tremas.

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