At present we are observing increasing interest in the subject of health. For many Patients healthy teeth are not everything, what also matters is the shape of dental arches.
Straight teeth are the dream of many people regardless of age or sex. Healthy, straight and stunningly white teeth increase self-confidence and boost our well-being.

Properly positioned teeth guarantee that we will keep a healthy smile as they make it easier to maintain hygiene and influence the condition of periodontium, and don’t result in bite overloads. Frequently improperly positioned are exposed to greater bite force, which may lead to teeth mobility, teeth cracking, exposure of tooth necks, which in turn may lead to a significant teeth hypersensitivity.
Teeth shape and interactions greatly influence their functioning, therefore, it is good to know what orthodontics is. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnostics of malocclusion and its treatment.
Till the age of 12, i.e. in Patients during the pubertal spurt, orthodontic treatment means using removable braces, which can have therapeutic functions preventing from malocclusion or limit its progress. There are also functional braces, aiming at correcting the improper teeth alignment.

Removable braces are most suitable for kids and young teenagers.

In case of older Patients the treatment is possible thanks to fixed braces – they used to be the subject of mockery among schoolmates, not they are the symbol of prestige, care of health and pursuit of perfect appearance.
Fixed braces do not have to be visible due to the use of clear or ceramic brackets or the so-called lingual braces attached to the lingual (tongue) side of your teeth, which are invisible to others so that orthodontic treatment may remain your secret.

The picture presents the difference between porcelain brackets (the upper arch) and metal brackets (the lower arch).
It is important to emphasize that orthodontic treatment is possible and worth considering regardless of age because we all deserve to look beautiful.

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